I'm Gerald, of the Internet.

I help people make things happen on the dubya dubya dubya.

Got a thing you want to make happen? Maybe I can help.


  • 19 years of web development experience
  • PHP, PERL, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, ASP, .NET
  • I hate all back end languages equally
  • That being said, I can, have and generally do learn, use and contribute to the backend systems I use
  • HTML5, CSS3, Other things that don't work in The Internet Explorer
  • Vanilla JavaScript & jQuery
  • Sublime Text, PhotoShop, Illustrator, SVN, GIT

I want to...

  • Be a front-end developer first and foremost
  • Work on-site and work with others on-site
  • Work on a team with front-end, back-end, design, QA and project management being handled by separate individuals
  • Work in a place where the following are valued: accessibility, version control, QA, separation of concerns, project planning, simple yet mandatory issue/bug tracking system
  • Develop on Windows... stop looking at me like that



Wrestling With Text

My first big foray into a blog and social media.

Disc Golf Monkey

A site I made for my brother, a fellow monkey. He likes to throw colored plastic. Don't call it frolf.

Built a snazzy and intuitive CMS that even HE could use. News posts, tournament schedule, tournament signups (using PayPal) and general text editing. There would be a store if he'd ever get around to doing something with it.

My very first webzone. Basically just a listing of 4k+ smilies which I and other contributors have made. Static and near lifeless.


Atari/Infogrames, Disney, Midway Games, Bold New World (agency), Conversion Systems (lead gen, agency), ThisNext, HYFN (agency), Participant Media/TakePart

Contact me for a more detailed list of professional works


Email me. I somethetimes check it.